Graphic design · Identity · Packaging

Carlota Carrillo

Illegal stuff is the name of an art exhibition that showcases Boris Hoppek’s entire career up until today. It is a way of seeing how he started and where is he now. The exhibition features a variety of drawn, photographed and stuffed artwork by Hoppek, some of those are old and some are new. Some of them are already known by the public but some of them haven’t seen the light yet. Illegal stuff exclusively features pictures of Boris Hoppek’s first street interventions and first graffiti, when he was known as Forty.
The project consisted in designing the exhibition’s identity, including printed advertising, merchandising, a mobile app and a website. The result is a flexible typographic identity. The letters represent the textures that Hoppek uses in his drawings, the volume of his cardboard installations, the mouths and eyes of the bimbo dolls and the colours that appear constantly in his work;  brown and red. They are placed floating inside the applications, some of them are backwards so to create a more visually appealing identity, and give it a chill, careless feel.
The ripped margins are inspired by the artist’s kind of rebellious, out-of-the-norm personality. The Kraft paper of the merchandising’s packaging is inspired by his cardboard installations and canvas.
For the information in the poster, tickets, labels... We opted for a mono-spaced font, paired with a condensed sans serif similar to the ones he uses.
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