Graphic design · Packaging

Carlota Carrillo & Mercè Puig

Bronze. Student Beverages – Wines

ANUARIA 2019. 
Gold. Best Student Project

APRIL, 2019
“Seré breve” (I’ll be brief) is the name given to this wine collection, produced in La Rioja (Spain) by oenology students. It won’t be commercialized. Its purpose is to serve as a gift for their loved ones. Its target is very broad as it can be given to their friends, parents, siblings, uncles or even grandparents. They all have one thing in common: they love wine.
Since the design had to adapt to many profiles, a minimalist approach was used, inspired by the greeting tags that are often seen in gift wrapping, and have written messages such as “Happy Birthday”. The resulting label works as a sticker sheet. 
Some examples of the messages that can be written in the bottles, as shown in the pictures, are: “the most amazing sister in the universe” “you are the bee's knees, thank you for everything” and “for the best mother in the world”.
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